24 mars 2003


- Get your war on ! the best strips are here. well it ain't a real "news", but it deserve the click, really.

- "National guardman changed his name to a toy". i got serious doubts about this guy being a huge fan of Mike Ladd's projects, but seing how stupid this guy just made me laugh. so this is it.

- at last, the Beastie Boys are around, ready to fill our hope. :)

- but the best one is of course this (make your own choice !!!) : here ?this one ? or maybe this point of view ? that one ? your prefer another vision ? .
but you already knew that, so it's no big deal, uh.
let's keep it clear and simple (a la Ed Norton speech to himself in Spike Lee's "the 25th hour") :
i fuck Georges W Bush, master of the universe, self proclaimed saver of real good peoples, arrogant and disturbing person who don't have 1% of the abilities for being in his fuckin' white house leather armchair, his so-called belief in god (his god, uh), and his fuckin high self esteem, for himself and his bunch of deadly assholes, US defence secretary Donald "the best defence is attack" Rumsfeld, Vice (really, really) President Dick Cheney, secretary of state Colin "pigface" Powell, UK prime minister Tony "shame on you little sheep" Blair, and all their Norman Schwarzkopf wannabes too glad to use their little toys away from home. Fuck also Bechtel, Kellogg, Brown & Root, Fluor and whatever firm that inject money in these stupid, stupid bloody thing. i'll continue this list this afternoon, the public CPU place is closing now. more later.

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