28 mars 2003


- i almost finished the cutting and the page-setting of Seb 's story.
it will be probably a 16 to 24 pages story, and the more i work on it, the more black and white feels natural. at first, the idea of doing a (nearly) all indoor story made me think about the utilities of working on colors of the differents rooms, etc... but b&w will probably help to capture the tone of the story. we cannot talk about a real 200% collaboration here, as i just work on one of his stories and not work with him on the writing of it, but i can't wait to try something deeper with him... hmmm, well, it ain't exactly what i wanted to say, you porno oriented lazy people !

- i think i'll get the pictures that we need to use for Zo record sleeve this weekend, thanks to Jay.
my old friend do some photography since a couple of times, and Zo and him decided to go for a photo cover, with a few graphotizm effects that I'll work on later these next weeks.

- the cover for the program of Mulhouse's "Le Noumatrouff" (a cool place for concerts and events) is done and thanks to Dyotte (the man behind Le Nouma's visual mess), i received some of it, wich are billions miles away from what i think it could be ; of course, i don't like it that much (for many many good reasons), but in the inside cover, Dyotte said a few nice things about it and gave away my blog URL, and guess what ? i already got some feedbacks about what some call my "art". ;) more news soon.

- i finished the pencils on the first part of my little sized untitled child story (a la Warren Ellis, let's call it "Child Thing One", eh eh eh). 36 pages done (or so), and i still wonder how i'll manage to finish the ink process and the colors before july (the deadline).
as usual, finishing one step of some artwork always show me what's wrong in it. and as usual, i've seen nothing but tons of wrong things in it. in the story, in the page-settings, in the characterisation... anyway. i'd tried to rework some of the main elements but it's not this easy. argh. countdown to july. what to do ? reload it all ? yes. it will be the more professionnal choice of it... and so i'll be late, once again !

- IEPLB? number 15 is up and coming, thanks to Thierry's brand new computer. eh eh eh.

- IEPLB?-the-website is still something that we gotta talk with the crew, but i already got some ideas about how building it, and about its look, too. i started working on its iconography and will try to get a better version that the current one, which really, really sucks.

- while in the IEPLB? topic, i got a email of somebody who asked me if i did the little green drawings in the backside of it.
heck, i wish that it was me !
Frederick Peeters, the up and coming talent behind "Pillules Bleues", "Lupus" and so on, answered us that it was ok to use some his art as a backside art (we just have to tell our families that one day we'll all have to pay the full price for it - Fred is a real, real nice guy !) (which reminds me that i got to publish here the nice little drawings he did to me and Thierry while in Angouleme 2003), when we asked him for it (of course, we make thanks in IEPLB?14 to him and his publisher Atrabile).

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