29 juin 2003


yesterday (saturday) we (Drine & I) helped to move the poor Everland & Aline from a ghost town to a lost town, where Everland'll get more space to move around his drawings ; the upcoming author is now living in a real quiet eastern France hole, which is cool as fuck, if we forgot about the fridge' weight and the fact that both him and I forgot our muscles somewhere.

today, after an early departure from his place (the end of my last week was pretty weak and all), i was just dead. so i felt asleep outside, in the grass, under a big yellow sun, while reading Hitoshi Iwaaki's "Parasite" #2... and i wake up 2 hours later, totally fucked up, of course...

...just in time for learning that La Nuit Bleue, some wicked electroacoustic event produced by motivated friends, is canceled, or at least deprogrammed for a (maybe) september date ; in any cases, watch this space for more news and update about it.

there's plenty of reasons (good or bad) for canceling some serious show (i don't talk about free parties hotdammit, we're far from poor sucking music here), but the ones that the guys from Elektrophonie (the guys behind the event) are dealin with are nothing but shit ; France is going through an awfull ultra-right-wing political proccess, and as incredible as it seems, it looks like the bunch of baaaad guys we got in the driving booth are quietly, slowly, making France looking their way, which, of course, justs sucks.

i would like to to get the vocabulary for speakin about how ultra conservative and not-this-very-democratic some stuff was decided (not always voted for) in the big old house these last weeks, but for staying objective (friends and maybe readers will say that i'm a poor old neo-communist) (and i'll answer by telling them to fuck anyway), let say that there's nearly no more means (financial or administratives) for culture and education, which are of course some of the main things to work on nowadays. France was huge for that. 15 years of his road and we're done.

massive strikes seems nearly helpless, but governement is of course far from being stupid, and quietly constructing their little repressive mechanisms around a country who really don't need this kind of things for finding some solutions for its future. did i talk about retirement and pensions treatment ? oh my god. ultra liberalism isn't a solution, just another problem. assholes.

this gives me nerves. 8)

speaking of something else ? it seems like french big publisher Delcourt stop publishing his monthly pre-publication and information magazine Pavillon Rouge. i wasn't that much in the last ish, so i guess i don't care ; at last they will stop giving such a few money for its authors working in it... 8)
maybe it can help the excellent Ferraille mag (from the mighty indy french publisher Requins Marteaux) to find a better way in the newstands...

did i say that Joann Sfar is on the cover of the last ish (#395) of Les Inrockuptibles, some culture devoted weekly magazine ? i don't like it usually but this time, it seems that they do a really, really good job about one the best french authors. 6 pages of brilliant stuff inside, too.

hmmm... and that i got only tomorrow for finishing the inking of some contest... some contest with loooaaads of money, so i got to finish it TONITE, as tomorrow is the only day where Seb, Thie and me can work on the next issue of our comicZine, IEPLB?... speakin' of it, don't check the website, the real version is on its way...

and yeah, this very week, there will be some work on the "official construction" of our little comic studio/workshop. stay tuned if you want some details about future french comics scene. bwa-ha-ha.

pffff. i need two lifes, now. really.

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