29 juin 2003


a few people asked me more tracklisting, which is pretty hard since i still miss my weekly radioshow, and that my weekly nights in bars around don't allow me to play all the tunes i would like to.
so here's a flavour of what is between my ears at the moment :

- Madlib "Shades of blue: Madlib invades Blue Note" (Blue Note)
- Kaidi & Dego "Got me puzzled" (2000 Black)
- Dudley Perkins feat. Yesterday New Quintet "Worship" (Stones Throw)
- Pulseprogramming "Blooms eventually" (Aesthetics)
- L'Atelier "le hip hop c'est mon pote" (Institubes)
- King Geedorah feat. MF Doom & Mr Fantastik "Anti-matter" (Big Dada)
- Why? "Oaklandazulasylum" (Anticon)
- Andre Gurov "Are U Listening" (Electro Caramel)
- Max Sedgley "Happy" (White)
- Snoop & Pharrell "Beautiful" (mca)
- Pole feat. Fat Jon "Slow motion" (Mute)
- Volcov vs Paradox "Soul breeze" (Rush hour)
- NMS "Brave new world" (Big Dada)
- Jaydee + Madlib = JayLib "the red" (Stonesthrow)

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