22 juillet 2003


well, the quite subversive in his corner of art, Banksy, the graffiti and stencil UK maestro seems to get involved in some bad news, as Turf War, his last exhibition, just shut down for some interesting reasons. maybe doing some cover for Blur doesn't help luck to stay near... 8)
"Turf War included pigs painted in police colours, sheep painted in concentration camp stripes and a cow covered in images of Andy Warhol's face."
let's face it, i'm not into playing with animals, at all.
i don't give a shit about doing stuff with them through numeric means, but seing Banksky coloring animals for this very exhib quite kick me ; i knew that it was all animal-friendly and all, and even if the results were pretty good looking, it was hurting my animal-love-affair feelings. anyway, the exhib is shut untill the artist find some places to get his art-farm in cold and stress-less conditions.
"He has previously painted the Queen as a chimpanzee during her Golden Jubilee and sprayed "Mind the crap" on the steps of the Tate Britain before the Turner Prize ceremony."
ahhh... Banksy, you're still in my heart, even after making pigs sweat. 8)

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