11 juillet 2003


got no time for hanging around this much, but got to blog this :

- first, some Jim Woodring toys ! woo-haaaa !
"Introducing DORBEL, STRANGEco’s first vinyl figure! Designed by Jim Woodring, whose vibrant and lurid imagination is responsible for the alternative comic Frank and Sony’s Crazy Newts capsule toys. Dorbel stands a terrifying seven inches tall and features six points of articulation..."

- secondly, i went to see The Hulk with Dude & Sophie, yesterday.
well, i cannot say anything against Ang Lee terrific work. it's nothing but brilliant, and it definetely ain't no some kind of Matrshix shit. the green goliath is pretty cool, and i think that all the bad press i've seen about its visual effects are quite overated. it's beautiful, enough for seing it without saying "yuk". the only fact about other negative shit i've read that i agree with : maybe a little bit too long. you cannot muzzle the lil' fan inside me, waiting for some "die you puny humans" moments... ;)
>>> take care as i go SPOILERS here <<<
the story was cool untill Banner's dad become some real bad 70's absorbing-man super badass type of guy, and even if it's quite ok from the graphic point of view, well, the story and the dialogs from the last 30 minutes just sucks. but i cannot even tell that i disliked this movie !
the interpretation from Eric Banna (who already got the name for doing Bruce, uh) and Jennifer Connely (who looks like a nearly Kate Moss sick girl) are great, Nick Nolte was hum, not at his place, and pretty uncomfortable in Bruce's dad seat ; the sequencing and cut are brilliant (as for the however heavy use of the split screen), and the first apparition of the big bean, is pretty cool too.
this is what Daredevil missed : pure entertainment, done by somebody who knows how to do a great movie, who got ideas and technical skilz, and how to direct his actors.
the photography is beautifull, the weave is nearly perfect... i liked what i've seen.

- Charles Burns, who just got some greeeaaaat french translation these last weeks ("Big Baby" and its Hergé special insert... arf), did some advertising for Altoids. read the full story, and more, on Altoids site, and discover why this author is unmissable.

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