1 juillet 2003

(things typed on monday evening, about music, comics, and friends. and life.)

I'm typing this while the rain is nearly finished, on my pal Laulau's cpu ; another week is beginning, and even if today was filled with constructive stuff, I feel like i'm reaching the limit of these last months situation. first, the fact to live at other's places is going to its end, and even if my friends were cool enough for helping me on this (thanks to them), I'm quite fed up of the squatt time. it reminds me too much of my 20's, which are more a big pack of bad memories than anything else.
hey, does this blog looks like a personnal diary ? fuck. thanks for tellin' me.

so, I guess it's like a circle. I don't know if "snakes eating its own tail" means something in english, but it does in french, believe me.
so there's this money thing, uh. personnal problem with money or childish state of mind, call it as you want to, but the thing is that when money falls on my account, I CANNOT do anything else than run to records or comic shop. really. 8)
so these very last days/weeks, i'd read Pyongyang by Guy Delisle ; it's a big book published by L'Association in french, and it's a huge read. Guy Delisle delivered some amazing analysis of North Korea 's horrible situation, with his own funny style, and that's working, perfectly, period. when working on our little comics fanzine with the IEPLB crew (ok, are 3 people could be called a crew ? anyway), reading Pyongyang mades me love my country, this old France.
well, nearly.

I loved a french translation of some Joe Matt book, something called "Peepshow" in french, which is "the poor bastard" in its original version. I saw it at Everland's place before he moved and i was just realizing that I'd never read some Matt in french. Charles Berberian (yeah, him) did a pretty cool work with the translation ; I know what you think, people.
"How can somebody like this June gives his opinion about translations ? if it's some good work or not ? does June only know how his english sucks ?"
hey. wow. and yeah.
but as for any languages, it's such easier to read and understand than trying to express yourself. hum.

anyway, this french translation is a 2001 production from Les Humanos's imprint "tohu bohu", the same collection of another great book i'd read last week, Pierre Wazem & Tom Tirabosco's "weekend avec premeditation". in this one (which shows how great Tirabosco is when it's time to handle pens and pencils...), the authors tells a nice story about a trio of friends who miss one of them ; yeah, pretty strange to tell it this way, but i don't want to spoil anyone here, uh... ;)
Frederick Peeters told me that he got some stuff with Wazem waiting somewhere... I can't wait for it.
oh yeah, speaking of Berberian, i saw that Dupuy and him will be at the San Diego comic con this year (july 17-20), alongside Sal Buscema, Will Eisner, Neil Gaiman, Dave McKean, Terry Moore, Grant Morrison... well, maybe it's a little bit too far away from here, hmm.

on the mainstream corner, Marvel France finally published "Spiderman : Blue", from Jeff Loeb and Tim Sale. "Spiderman Bleu" (yeah, loads of brainstorming on the title, uh) is a correct book, but it's definetely not the best from the Loeb/Sale pair ; the art is really cool but not the best that Sale does, and Loeb tells a classic story with his so personnals twists ; nothing really new, an entertaining read, but not the ultimate one.

I re-read "Blonde Platine", the second french translation of Adrian Tomine, recently published through Vincent Berniere's collection at Le Seuil ; Berniere knows what he does cause he's probably one of the most habited comics critic this side of europe, and deciding to publish some Tomine stuff is definetely some cool move ; this very book is "Summer Blonde" french version, and "Summer Blonde" was some collection of Tomine's shit from his world famous "Optic Nerve", ish 5 to 8), and i was very afraid at his first page : 2 BIG FUCKIN MISTAKES on the translation on the very first page. Gosh. but finally it's okay ; all the book is perfectly translated and the result is worth the 15 euro tag.
everything was already told about Adrian Tomine, so i won't blabla anymore : Tomine rules, dot, period. this guy is awesome, i'm so much in his work, since the first time i saw some shit from him, while my little USA 94' trip. Everything look so unfinished aside his work, which is pretty disturbing cause he don't tell anything but moment, excerpts of full stories. the moments he decide to share with us is only this, moments, really. no sagas or 258 pages stories. just stollen moments, but how great they are.

Did I say that today (monday), Thierry, Seb and I finished the 16th issue of IEPLB? we talk about Delisle's "Pyongyang", Tomine's "Blonde Platine", Jiro Taniguchi's "Quartier Lointain (tome 2)", Jeff Smith's "Bone" and some other stuff ; I wish we got more space, as some little books comes to our hands, and I think that some of them really deserves more audience, more promotion.
For example, the really emotionnal content of Aurelia Aurita's "Angora", published for the second time by "le neuvieme monde". I only knew Aurelia Aurita from a litlle story she did for french monthly big humor magazine called "Fluide Glacial", a few months ago. I really loved the art and the story, and I almost forgot about her. So when i saw this little "Angora" book, I was glad about it. black and white and ultra sensitive ideas through its few pages, I hope others publishers will see the whole little world that Aurelia Aurita has created.

more comis stuff SOON : our little structure is going to its real administrative starting point, and so is the studio ; I can't wait for it.

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