1 juillet 2003


Some friends of mine told me that my sunday track/playlist was curious and/or interesting. well, i gotta admit that there's some reasons if I speak MORE about comics than music these last months :

- my usual "musical" pals around me have disapeared, more or less. Some shit happens sometimes, but everybody's got its ways of dealin with (and sometimes, it ain't easy to forget about miles between friends and you, too). if you forget about Feet, Alcor, or Farid, who are probably the "real world" closest-music-oriented from me, I got plenty of friends listening to real cool shit or sharp stuff, but none of them are walking on the same little road than me.
Feet and Alcor are more drum'n'bass oriented (even if both of them are on 2 differents kind of d'n'b, Feet is more on massive and hard breakbeats, while Alcor is more on rollin' and twisted breaks and loops. Not enough interesting shit for me, or not enough stuff which talks to me, for calling it better. I'm a dooooowntempo guy, for godsake... ; )
Farid is maybe too into the groovy stuff. I really love what he dig, but it doesn't gives me the abstract and breaks quantity I need on a daily basis.
there's of course a few break heads around, but none of them on the june brain schema.

- so, playing only in bars (I don't have my own home at the moment, so of course I don't have turntables...) isn't satisfaction, happyness and happy happy joy ; in fact, if I forget about 3 or 4 friends comin each and every week (god bless Flo, Nico and Brice from the Lykill constellation...), I'm trying to spread the right vibes for people with kaki clothes, 458 piercings per face, and asking for nervous hardtechno just after 10 pm...
...talk about staying quiet... I got to deal with these clowns nearly every week. I'm so glad that David, the boss from the bar where I spin each week, got a few interest for the vinyls I greb with me ; the guy is openmind enough for asking for more each week, talk about RARE in this baaaad techno town called Besancon...

- so, playing in bars, i said, isn't cool as playing in radioshows. I really miss my little sunday show. I really loved to play whatever the fuck I want to, it was relaxing and there, nobody's gives a fuck if you play some Anticon-affiliated abstract japonese hip hop from Neutrino alongside some Charles Stepney psychesoul classics, neither if you play Kit Clayton neo electro-dub with some of the last Bugz in the Attic west london broken beat shit.
do I have to stop playing in bars ? maybe. it ain't places for ambiance selectors like me. These places are for dancefloors fillers or binary LSD eaters. eh eh eh, how's that, "june you music fascist ?". yes sir. 8)

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