9 août 2003


well, we're already at mid-august, and i still have 3 gigabillions of shit to do before the end of the month.
it seems like it's looks like a classic summer shema in which i fall every year.
so... here's a little update for me, of course, but also to all of those little curious who ask me (on a weekly basis) stuff that i don't have time to write to each and everyone. 8) (sorry, by the way).

- yeah, the "big comic book project" is doing well.
after a few weeks of "how to start" state of mind with "the crew", we found some kind of schedule to keep focused on ; there's many steps before having the book in our hands, of course. now, we got to be quick with all the subsidy : as i saw with my little experience with the record label biznizz, the only thing to do with the town, the department, the country, and the others who tell you that "yes, we can help you" kind of shit, is to give them some pressure.
now, try to find people to give some pressure, in any town' city hall, at mid august.
you got the point. 8(
so, i'm trying to focus on the book development ; after a few questions on the format, we decided of something quite correct ; next thing is the number of pages, as we got to deal with black and white art and 4 colors art. 8)

at the moment, we got some really motivating (and motivated) "yes" from serious people.
some names in the field already sent us some stuff, and i'm loving doing this "job". Drine told me that "it's the job i got to do: booking artists for projects, whatever music stuff or comics shit, she said, as i'm like mad while doing it and my enthousiasm is contagious". it's nice to see that what looked like a psy defect for some people can be cool for others.
anyway. along a few names from the "pro" area, we don't wanna keep on a french level at all.
the only things to stay connected with are 1, the state of mind of the story/art, and 2, the availability/will of the authors.

after all, it's nothing but another filled-with-passion idea, and if we want some quality book, there will not be much money left for the artists ; which is a shame, but it looks like a shame that nobody cares apart us : all of the people i've talked about looks interested without money behind. life's tasty, i tell you. 8)
i'm glad of it. it's slowly becoming the main reason for doing this book : people who deserve more exposure ; well, let's try to give'em some. this side of France, at least. 8)

- this french summer media event isn't the hot hot hot weather, neither is israel's wall. Bertrand Cantat killed Marie Trintignant. he's the leader of the so-called biggest french rock band, Noir Desir (nobody know if he did some Tosta-kick(*) for having such a result), and she was a loved actress, daughter of a loved actor.
more seriously ? heeeeck... i dunno ; Marie Tritignant was a cool actress, but i wasn't this much into her ; the only thing i know is that both of them were fragile on a psy level, both of them were pretty no-funny people (at least for what they showed of themselves), and, last but not least, both of them dealed with drugs, alcohol and stuff (as far as i know, but from what i've heard/read/learn from serious medias like Libe or others).
so physic violence in a relationship is a too much commun fact, and not much people cry for this usually ; but here ? well, they were stars. Cantat was (is ?) more or less an icon. so everything change.

"i never liked Noir Desir". some people will say this by now ; people (who know me) know how i didn't like "Noir Des'" at all, even if i suppose they weren't this bad in their own field (well, i'm lying : i will save, maybe, a few things from the last album, with Brigitte Fontaine, for instance).
Cantat was a violent guy ; from his artwork to his attitude on stage. A violent author, singer.
a guy for whom it was probably hard to live his life, but hey, as for many of us. having a public life, a public idendity, was something he used for fight what he didn't like (universalisation, globalisation, mondialisation, whatever, you call it). oh yeah, and i'm a nice guy : i'll not talk about the usual speech from this Noir Desir and from his singer : they shout to the biiiiig baaaad lobbies of consumering/capitalizzzm, with anger and provocation, and they're signed on Universal ; if they were really "against" something, well, these guys probably bring their eggs from the Universal bucket and started something by themselves. they got audience and lovers ready to fllow any of their moves. fuckers.
so doing what he did 10 days ago was bad, and wrong, maybe more than for "other" common people ?
it will be hard to excuse what he did, a crime, even if it "wasnt' for kill her". there's too many Maries, and too many Cantats who hit them on a regular basis. as a so-called icon, the only thing he did (aside killing Marie) (which is enough, you'll tell me...) was to, once again, break a big part of the credibility of the people called "inhabited artist" ; so as an egoist person (who's not in tears for Marie), i just feel sad for the passionned, the motivated artists for whom it's already hard to deal with life and art and public glance.

now, if you tell me that we'll never heard about Noir Desir, it's ok, let's make a deal. 8)
(*) = thanks to the flo/nico/brice crew on this one. tostakick. arf.

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