4 août 2003


well, so once again i saw that you don't need to move on Mars for having cool and nice holidays.
Drine and I want on the atlantic coast, straight to the west, and gooood, it was huge.
as we got to save money (movements and news to come in september...), we choose the camp-site solution ; it was pretty quiet, cool, and from our place, we were able to see the ocean. cool as fuck.
i did my old asshole here, cause the place we went was some place that my grandparents used to bring me when i was a child. it was 20 years (or so) that i went there for the last time, and it was more for the memories of the nice places (and the huuuuuge beach, too) than for any nostalgia shit.
one of the real good reason to go there was to rent in some places that i went as a child : the people taking care of it decided to ask us less money, as they remembered a tiny Ju doing some bicycle around their knees in the early 80's. 8)
and for 10 days we did what we do the best : nothing. but under the sun, and with a giant tub near us.


- if we must save one reason why Atlantic coast kills Meditterannean coast, let's keep it clear : waves.
not red flags and loads of wind, but cool enough for making us drinking enough salted water for years.

- Australian government should check our freesbee skillz. we're just fuckin good to this difficult, hardcore sport. 8)

- weather. except 2 morning pretty grey, we got nothing but sun. yessss.

- evening showers... hu... hum, sorry. 8)

- the coast. we went in some of the biggest touristic places from the coast (we knew it), and between july and august i was sure to deal with too many people, everywhere. fuck me, i was too into my south of france memories. even if there places with loads of people, there nothing to do with meditteranea coast ; way more quiet. perfect.

- seafood. fresh seafood. yessss.

- Angouleme. Drine never went here, and we stopped (one hour drive from the place we were), just the time to check a few painted walls (the Yslaire one, for example, even if i'm not this much into the man's art, i gotta to say that the wall is huge. we were livin near this one this last Angouleme festival. the place to be at night, uh), quickly checking the city looks and eating on a nice panoramic point of view on the city. we needed more time for the CNBDI and co. future plans. anyway.
*** (speaking of that, Philippe from Angouleme, if you go through this blog sometimes, please contact me as i fucked up with your phone number and cannot contact you for weeks. some news about your short movie, along other things...) ***

- heck, we even got some people in the camp-site that were cool. ok, a very few, but... not so classic in camps, uh. we had a drink with our neighbours (of course, we were into a camp after all), but we spend time with english ones, with a average one of, let see... 65 or 70 years. 8)
Gladys & Geoff were cool indeed. but we weren't here for searching new friends... the ocean, goddamn!

- reading Gaiman's "Neverwhere" for the 5th time, but on the hot sand.
makes me wonderin if any people were under it. 8)


- Drine did the whole road alone (i still don't have my driving license).
we decided to alternate speed highways and little secondary roads, which made the travel cheaper, but slower. ok, we discovered some really nice places, too. well, especially me as Drine was driving. 8)
around 2000 kilometers. she made me promise to get my license before next year. 8)
- somewhere in la Creuse, between 2 old dead volcannos, some big bird decided to fly away from a bush and we hit him with car. Drine was quite shocked, as we killed for sure this poor animal. damn, he was pretty big, and he land somewhere, after leaving his blood everywhere. we couldn't stop, between 2 other cars in this little road. i made nightmares 3 days after.
- each year i'm more and more prepared for holidays. especially this year, we forget nothing. except the long "nails" for the tent... 8(
- i was supposed to meet with a few people from the area (if a certain blogger, writer and musician, is curious enough to read this, sorry, once again...) but due to modification of schedule (Drine was supposed to go back to work later, but they called her, hotdammit) it wasn't possible. we'll see you in september, people. hopefully.

yeah, there's other plans of cheap vacations soon.

more than anything else, we find out that definitely, ocean is good for us, people from the old mountains and nearly dead forests. 8) and maybe some quiet places near oceans (if not too far away from at least one cool town - Bordeaux, for our example) should be better for us (D. & I) than the busy, touristic hook from the south. there's too many good reasons, for us, at last. we'll see.

well. you want pictures from my sunstrokes ? from us eating some ice cream on the beach ? well, there ain't.

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