9 août 2003

I GOT SOME QUESTIONS FOR YOU.so yeah, please, read this. and answer, me, too. 8)

well, many people told me (well, when i say "many people", you understand, right...) that the fact that this blog is in english is pretty bad for them ; they ask me about a french version, and if there were only one comment on this fact, i'd leave it in some place of my so empty head.
but the fact is that it's not a one-comment and that's all. so, of course, i'm beginning asking questions to me, myself, and i.
and by checking the stats of this blog :
1. France 5818 71.9 %
2. United States 831 10.3 %
3. United Kingdom 295 3.6 %
4. Canada 239 3.0 %
5. Germany 128 1.6 %
6. Belgium 69 0.9 %
7. Australia 59 0.7 %
8. Spain 41 0.5 %
9. Netherlands, The 33 0.4 %
10. Sweden 33 0.4 %
Unknown 160 2.0 % / The rest 385 4.8 % / Total 8091 (yesssss!) 100.0 %
it's no matches that i'm pushing my brain to new limits only for writing in english for... french people ?
heck. at first this blog was supposed to help me to learn more english skills, but i doubt that it really works, not that much, for sure. i'm learning more by reading others' ones. 8)

on the other hand, some good friends from UK or US or whatever always told me that it's cool to read my shit in english : they don't know french language ; maybe they got to learn it, even only for this blog, uh ? 8)

anyway. here's the deal.
i'll start a big vote campain about the future of this blog. if you got strong ideas about it, feel comfortable to tell me so at my usual email adress. those who don't have it can use the contact above this blog ; i'll take care of the bigger number of french versus the minority of the english readers who come around, of course, and we'll decided together what to do of this piece of numeric crap.
what you think about ? just use a few seconds for sending me "we still want some francais" or "let's keep it in english", please, and i promise that i'll burn candles for your name.
after all, i just cannot decide it alone, so why not asking you, eh ?

other solution : you're lazy, you don't work and you're bored to death, you speak french and english, and you're ok for taking care of a english version of the french blog i could do.
of course, i'll pay you mountains of money, you'll meet with fortune, fame, alcohol, cocaine and women, and you won't regret it, never, ever.

thanks for your time.

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