11 août 2003


well, it's ben a while since i wanted to get my hands on this book. i missed the first edition and well, after a few months late, i finally got it. so i spent the weekend trying to find the perfect time for reading it, and holy shit, what a book. once again, thanks to Top Shelf for books like this.

the conference where Clumsy is playing is more about the Tomine/Chester Brown/Seth/Clowes one, as Jeffrey spend the whole book tryin to depict by his memories some moments with his erh, lover.
it's nothing but things we probably all lived or thinked about, but it's done quite briliantly, and, as wrote Grant Reynolds, "Clumsy is the typical boy-meets-girl story, and believe it or not that's exactly what makes it so great".... you'll be able to find 365849+ (like this one, or this one here, or this one again) others comments from the same enthousiasm if you googlize a little ; Brown's made big impression with such books, and the following in his artwork is pretty good too ; i'm not "a lot" into the art. it seems that Brown want to stick to the basis trading of emotions, and it's working perfectly, i gotta admit.

there's a little Jeffrey Brown interview here, and on his website, there's an explanation of his way of seing "art to the people" through The Holy Consuption, the kind of crew he form alongside John Hankiewicz, Paul Horneschemeier and Anders Nilsen.

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