11 août 2003


In 1970, Barbara Loden, Elia Kazan's wife, did her "only" movie as a director (and scenarist, and actress).
it sounds like some Cassavetes, it smells like some Amos Kollek, and it could probably get some blood ties with many, many indy cinema from the french "nouvelle vague" to some 80's stuff, to contemporain indy scene. but it's from 1970.
you'll find the taste of despair, the taste of blank uppercut, the taste of these seventies were many things falled appart for years in the so wonderful united states of america, where capitalizzzm and then-so-cool-shit from the same range were slowly puttings thousands of people in the same giant hole ; not really a criticism, more something which feels like a kick in the stomach, a hand tended at you, but only for showing you something not really nice.
at first, when going out the theater yesterday night, i was quite disappointed of what i saw, cause many reviews of this movie re-release were arguing about its feminist side, which is something i didn't find that much. Wanda is a movie who insist that even if you could think that shit happens sometimes, long could be the road for showing you how deep you can fall into ; disillusion, state of anti-grace, call it what you want. Wanda is a movie to watch.
oh yeah, and Michael Higgins is awesome, too, in the role of Norman Dennis.

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