30 septembre 2003

..."18 000 morts 50000 blesses !"


i got some strong throat ache. i know from what's it coming, and this summer when i got the same shit, my doctor told me that i really got to go through some throat surgery, which is something i probably got to do before starting my new job. sounds like too late, uh. 8)
we'll see. i'll try to take care, if i can take care any much more ? i'm still on a no-orange (and all citrus fruits), either fruits or juices, no-bubllized drinks (gooooodbye coca, which is something my stomach says "thanks") daily basis, which is something quite irritating.
"you only got one life, lil' boy !", as always says my grandma. 8)

so another long time without updates. as you could guess, i'm always trying to fix all the little parts of what should be my life, and as you could guess, it's not this easy. but as you cannot guess, i finally, slowly, surely, comin to something.
the good news is that after real brain damage (as if really need this, uh...), i finally took some decisions that makes me feel more comfortable about my little future. more about it soon, but it talks about place to live, job to start, and my own real flat, back at least. i'm fed up with it ; i cannot stay any longer from one place to another. if it was me, i should write this from some little house in some little towns in the middle of some of my eastern france fields. anyway. more news, as i said before.

soooooooo... what's new ?
well, on the "my face is up-and-down" topic, i have to say that it's been YEARS since i hadn't such a good weekend :

- Thursday, mix in the usual headquarters, the only place where headphones got more power than speakers, "le 7th".

(thanks to Howard for the pics).

it was 3 weeks that i hadn't spin there, so i was pretty happy to go, i think.
and once again, havin' to deal with some crap and used material just mades me reminds of "why i'm here ?". i don't even talk about crap techno fans who asked for some "more speed shit, man !", if only these kakis fuckers could take some bad acids for their next trip in the woods, it should be fine for me. 8)
fucked-up hip hop, heavy abstract, a few broken beat shit, i tried some electronica at the very beginning... well. Besancon is more than ever a "hard techno" town. bullshit. 8))))

- Friday, Ososphere festival in Strasbourg.
a 2 hours-and-a-half-drive with some friends for see Scratch Massive, Gold Chains, Hexstatic / Dj Food, Mira Calix & Andrea Parker, Zimpala, Dirty Sound System, M83, Emilie Simon, Abstrackt Keal Agram, Prefuse 73, TTC, dj Spooky, Bumcello, Alexkid, and many others...

Emilie Simon was huge on stage. real new approach of how to deal with speakers and make some real nice sounds ; smells IRCAM here, and it was really interesting. oh, and the girl is as pretty on stage as her voice supposed to be.

TTC ? well, real better than the last times i saw them on stage ; the boys really know how to return the audience, and they got cool ideas. "dans les clubs" ("in da clubs", yes) is their new 12" available on Big Dada in a few weeks (complete with some Teamtendo mix), and it's a huge tune.

dj Food did some classic dance floor mix, pretty cool but without any surprises, Abstract Keal Agram, if they're pretty good on their records (instrumental hip hop, correct), were awful on stage, Prefuse 73 canceled the show (fuck !), Andrea Parker do some heavy shit (and she's the nicest girl in this bizz, too), dj Spooky did some full spectrum selection complete with Bali music, old school hip hop, fat abstract, and the likes, and with video shit, too, pretty subversive and political ("fuck bush", of course)...

nice night. it stopped at 6 in the morning and when we came back to besancon, we stopped on the highway just for see some old husband and his old wife, in some highway stop, in the middle of the grass, near the car parks, with the woman just in the position of doing some, hum, i dunno what exactly... she bended down, and the husband, in front of her, standed up.
no, it wasn't just some sex at 7 in the morning on some highway stop. she was making her whole excrements in front of him. curious, as there was some toilets near. but no, in the grass. anyway. we were all dead of laughing out loud. tired after one night.

- Saturday eve, TTC were playing near Besancon.
on the afternoon, i worked at the record shop, and we went to the TTC live place by train with somebody that i'll talk later.
the whole crew was here of course, seing the awful quartet (TTC played with their own dj, Orgasmic), along side Akroe, some graff beginner. 8) good times too, even if fuck, one sleepless night behind me (strasbourg) nearly broke me in the middle of the night. Cuizinier, Teki Latex and Tido Berman were huge on stage, even if seing them on friday was more cool : Strasbourg sound was better, i suppose.

oups, gotta go. more tomorrow.

thanks to the incredible Negative Velocity for this one...

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