6 octobre 2003

FRENCH COMIC SHIT FROM THE LAST 2 WEEKS. and that i've read, that's it. 8)

so it means there's also translations (from US or Japan, among other various countries), and not only NEWS but also stuff that i totally missed by the past but jumped on these last days.
as far as i'll find a place with people as nice thoses from bulledair (probably the more open minded french website about comics) for using covers (all the following are comin' from bulledair), i'll throw US comics covers of my last purchases/readings, which are still the most exciting stuff that i read monthly.

it's quite shitty and useless, but it looks like i work on my blog nowadays, which is not true at all. 8)

tomorrow is my last "free" day, as even if i started my new job recently, the "real" working time isn't scheduled for right now.
i'm still in Besancon by now, untill mid-november, talki... uh, working with Thierry among others. Dijon will be heavier and i think i'll have to read more bad shit, more shitty stuff from french/belgium comic school. so let me take some rest with the best stuff i've read for the last weeks. 8)

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