6 octobre 2003


first, Sage Francis was supposed to come. and then he gave up.
second, at first i was glad to go there. and then a few days before i went sick with a bad cold.
this is not the end my friends :

after the last weekend (and TTC, dj Spooky, Emile Simon, dj Food and the others @ Ososphere/Strasbourg, and re-TTC @ Brainans), i was pretty happy to see Boom Bip and Gold chains. i'm not a big fan of Gold Chains, but his sense of humour and his collaboration with Kit Clayton made me curious about seing his live ; well, i won't talk about him.

Boom Bip. well, what can i say ? this guy made some of the best music i've heard in years, going through electronic sad pieces to lo-fi hip hop twisted with this now famous Anticon flavour. well, the whole anticon crew are some of the best open minded people i saw for years, too, going through the whole spectrum of "music" while doing their shit and producing such cooool pieces of shit on many labels.

so, i went to see this guy, Boom Bip.

and i saw 3 guys on stage, clearly not happy to play in Dijon, don't giving a shit about showng that they're glad that us bored frenchs are buying their stuff and helping making the "alternative" its own way through this fuckers business.
3 guys, one doing some Classic (with a capital "C") drums ; the second playing bass (Ramones t-shirt included, and a little MPC near him, who knows ?) like your average neighbour's older brother ; and our pal Boom Bip, wearing a beeeeaaaautiful San Francisco record shop t-shirt, playing with on his guitar like if he was discovering the joy of larsen in his student bedroom, some headphones on his head.

shit. what does it means ? i'm really ok for something different, even if i don't like all of it, at all. and i was really glad to see them comin on stage with electric guitar, even if i'm not a big fan of this instrument. after all, if they don't do something different, who will do it ?
so we go through around 30 minutes (maybe less) of bad atmospheric slow rock, complete with bad pedals delay effects and a little bit of "did you saw how i experiment, french audience ?" attitude when squeezing his guitar in front of speakers. sequences launched from his laptop were lazy and not good, and it seems like they didn't knew that their friends were playing in the same time, too.

fuck off !
Boom Bip ? i really love his shit and all, i buy (and no i'm not one of these suckers, so-called "politicaly incorrect" Anticon fans who only soulseeking for getting the Anticon shit, i personnaly buy some of this stuff, godamm it, with my fuckin money, holy shit !) stuff from him for years by now.
i don't know how many times i played "want" that he did with Slug, or how i was glad to check "circle" that he did with Dose One, or his recent shit on Lex. but come on, dude. we need some serious shit when we go to see Boom Bip. and not just some kind of californian laidback pseudo post rock, even with the Floyd' reminiscences or [PUT THE NAME OF THIS COLLEGE ROCK BAND YOU GOT IN YOUR UNIVERSITY BACK IN THE YEARS] memories...
i didn't wait for anything clear when i get to Dijon on saturday night ; either guitars, mpc, bass or drums are fine for me, come with some harmonica/rocking chair or tablas if you want, i don't give a fuck as far as it sounds serious. but what played saturday while this "gig" was clearly some average white band who were more oriented on the quality of their mid-ass attitude than their show, or more importantly, of their music.

too sad.

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