22 janvier 2004


nostalgic from the 90-00 ? holy fuck...

in the mid 90's, Boom Bass and Zdar did some of the best sensualhypnoriginalhiphouse ever done, and hotdammit, they were french (ok, they still are, but are doing some different, more the-beat housey tunes nowadays...) ; these nice guys from Chronowax will soon releasing this kind of compilation, including some never released tracks that i really wait for...

nostalgic from the 90-00 ? holy shit...

and in the mid 90's, some other brilliant, fuck me, did i say brilliant ? i mean some other genius artist did his own vision of another twisted and genius artist called Jimi Hendrix ; Bill Sienkiewicz is one of the mains creators who gave these last years some of the best artwork ever did. Delcourt (the very publishers who just fucked up their translation of Neil Gaiman's Sandman, who deserves nothing but better respect and publishing intelligence - another time, Neil ?) just launched their french version. nice book indeed,but without the original CD included in the original version. 8)

read me, i'm cool. read me also, i'm cool too. read me, i rock ! read me, i'm so ccoooooool ! buy me ! buy me ! i just rules. really. i'm fucking strange, too, but i'm a cool placement. listen to me ! yesssssss ! madlib's does it again, and he's better than on his last shit.

yes, i'm just posting this only shit. more, so more to come.
i need some CPU, really, it's slowly becoming vital, or so. 8)

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