23 janvier 2004


look at this punk, hotdammit ! 8)
his name's Manu Larcenet, and he's just one of the main comics creators of these last decades ; his work is amazing, but you probably heard about it before, as Manu just won yesterday the big Prize of the last Angouleme comics festival for his last album, "le combat ordinaire".
he strongly deserves more attention, really ; i really love his shit, and even if some award isn't the ultimate thing for him, surely it ain't that bad, too. 8)
no big surprise this year, but awards (read : future better sales...) for Gaiman's french translation of Sandman won the best Writer award, the magnificent and so-nice Renaud Dillies' Betty Blues won the best first comic, Nakazawa Keiji 's Gen of Hiroshima won an award, too... good shit, away from the usual-and-ever classicism of these last years selection.
heck, some openminding phenomenon in the french comics business ? or only in western france ? 8)

is it this NO FX lead guitar player or sumthin ? (pic : cardi from the bubulle hall of fame)

while these happy times, fuckers are still fucking...

would somebody please burn them all ?  8)   geez... assholes.

...but there's still hope :

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