23 janvier 2004


...will not be released, at least not untill some cools spirits will decide of taking care of Terry Gilliam, genius of the visual arts amongst the best. this movie looked so great, hotdammit.

not your average blockbuster... but it must have being so coooool as fuck, really.

(...)Lost In La Mancha may be the first "un-making" of documentary. In a genre that exists to hype films before their release, Lost In La Mancha presents an unexpected twist: it is the story of a film that does not exist. Instead of a sanitised glimpse behind the scenes, Lost In La Mancha offers a unique, in-depth look at the harsher realities of filmmaking. With drama that ranges from personal conflicts to epic storms, this is a record of a film disintegrating(...)

i was so sad to miss this movie while it came around here ; thanks to french "culture and tv" weekly Telerama, who do some kind of annual festival in many towns with some of the best movies released in the past year, i saw it, and god, it's so... unbelivable. Jean Rochefort is Don Quichotte, it's evident. and Gilliam is a... a... i dunno. i love this guy. 8)

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