18 février 2004


concrete posts in the very near future (read : this weekend) about :

- la nuit des lutins, some short movies festival happened in besancon last friday. great pieces, some a little less, but as usual, a great time.

- buck 65 liiiiiive in dijon yesterday ; the show was quite cool, the guy got the same full presence as usual, and he's a real nice guy, too.
have you ever seen him doing his "mick jagger's little window" routine ? ohhhh, so fuuu-nny. great guy. stop downloading his stuff NOW, buy it. 8)

- interest in your usual virtual places, or what can you wait from people that you meet from same interest numeric fields ? i recently notice a few details about what happened when you wait maybe a little bit more about people that you met in this www crap world. I took a little bit of distance, thought about it, and it quickly felt like people ain't always what you think they are, really (or is it what you wish they are ?).
which is nothing but logical, when you think that "real life" people can always suprises you... can you really wait something of people you don't really know apart your commun topics ? anyway.

- which doesn't mean you cannot spend some times and some nice places... did you check all of these links in the left bar ? uh ? go on, take a seat, take it easy...

oh yeah. did you notice that you can post comments for each post on this blog ? yeah ? uh ?... and you don't care ? hmmm. ok.
have a nice week, we'll speak more after this weekend. peace out there.

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