13 février 2004


Manu Mezgo and Alcor (and Fred Snork, too) were part of the mess we did tonite on the Radio Campus Dijon waves. cool evening, nice tunes, etc...
good vibes indeed ! thanks to Manu right there :

it mades me regret even more my weekly radioshow from way back in... well, enough. here's the shit i played tonite :

defcon 5 "good bye (feat blue)"
canvas "illinois" (nacopajaz)
g. litter "seoul 88" (lifesaver)
lamb "trans fatty acid - kruder and dorfmeister mix" (mercury)
bonobo "super 8" (true thoughts)
jeru the damaja "war (accapella)" (ashenafi)
roy ayers "brand new feeling" (bbe)
galt macdermot "ripped open by metal explosions" (killmarnock)
dynasty "adventures in the land of music" (solar)
leroy hutson "it's different" (curtom)
S.O.U.L. "Tell It Like It Is" (reedition harmless)
that's how it is core "bald head" (that's how it is)
silky spearman "i'm a good woman" (crazy cajun)
archie shepp "i know 'bout the life" (black saint)
new sector movements "penny dropped" (main squeeze)
feetwan "w4aMC" (plate)
ty "wait a minute (dwele mix)" (big dada)
jazzanova "intro" (jcr)
dj hekla "akimbo" (planet mu)
kid 606 "xanopticon bizarre" (meow)
prefuse 73 (outakes from "extinguished", warp)
bit meddler "frustum" (planet mu)
andre gurov "are you listening ?" (electro caramel)

stupid one (the chief of the stupids, a senior stupid, aka Alcor) behind little stupid (just a junior stupid).

and while this time, other stupids really, really needs to get another job. 8)

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