23 février 2004


- do you know Vista Le Vie ? interesting post-beatz complete with guitar, mellow atmosphere, fender Rhodes and blackilistic electro done on Protools, Vista Le Vie released a few weeks ago some interesting piece of work on F-Communication.

and do you know Jeff Soto ? this guy who's loving graffiti, and who's currently painting on wood pieces, among many others works (which includes among others stuff for The Village Voice, Morrow Snowboards, Esquire, Spin, Monkey Skateboards...) and he also did Vista Le Vie's record sleeve.
it's a tiny world we're living in, uh ?

whoaaa :

uhhh ?
is it toxic ?

- a few weeks ago, i had one of this nostalgic moments (remember, you probably read it, arf), going home and re-listening these mid-nineties La Funk Mob huge tracks, just before Zdar and Boom Bass began doing other shit, but other shit hopefully good and also good for their bank account ; now there's this soon-to-be released unrealesed forgotten tracks (the bad seeds), and Chronowax is delivering some mix from the parisian duo.

- YESSS ! if everything''s fine, my good friends Ed (aka the Horse), Alcor (aka dj Casual Gangsta Cuts) and me (aka, uh, nevermind...) will go see this little guy , live near us next sunday. i'm glaaaad. cool beans. 8)

Aesop Rocks delivered one of the best albums of 2003.

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