23 février 2004

HAPPY MONDAY (part. 2)

- so-called living encyclopedias of the comics medium should try Harry Morgan's "Principes des litt?ratures dessin?es", a really huge book published by l'an 2, which gives strong analysis and comments about the situation of our favorite medium through its different stages or evolution.
pretty complete and full of details, this book is a kind of following of Morgan past and present work he currently publish online, and it's a must read for all of you people, who can't handle anymore with this classic "but but but... arent' comics for childrens ?" point of view...

of course, it's in french, and, something who surprises me a little bit, Harry Morgan really does deeply and on a "rightfully written" mode into this book, far away from the friendly tone he use on his site (still on his website, he got some cool links too). anyway, great reading, really.

as usual, thanks to the Groooeeeeeiiissnsnsxyzxyzxyzteeeiin man for helping publishing such good books.

- while we're on the french speaking topic, some infamous guy from Lyon sent me some cool interview from last week 's main man, aka Buck 65.
sooooo The Old Man was on stage in Dijon last week, and well, even if it wasn't his best live ever (i saw him twice, it was surely more surprising, but i definitely prefered it...), he just rocked the casbah, which as usual for a Dijon gig, was boring, bored and full of zombies.

damn people from Dijon. if you're looking for pretentious and fucking demanding audience, come around here. Buck 65, however sick, did eveything he could do with his strong voice tones register, and his furious abilities on the turntables but it wasn't enough for them... some fuckers behind me were complaining about the slow average tempo of the gig ; i tried to ask them if there was a minimum for it, but haven't got any answers aside "come on, this ain"t speed enough for having fun" ; so i told them to buy a dog and go listening to some crap hardcore in the first free party they found, but the fuckers (cause they were, of course) didn't find it funny... anyway.

sure it was quite slow, but this is actually parts that i loved in this show. Buck 65 delivers tons of words, thousands of sentences that really don't need velocity for being great. his construction of sentences are coming from another lyrical land, and really, the guy got charisma ; sure, it can't help to seduce people who, for the major part, don't dig english. but he also speaks a little bit french, and i had a real fun seing him doing his "que je t'aime" moment, some classic real-piece-of-crap-french-pop-song that nobody could imagine hearing on this very gig. really funny too was his explanation of Mick Jagger's moving methods, which is a routine he does pretty much nowadays but which is incredibly funny. you must see him for this too. 8)

and the music ? well, i'm still on the same point of view than before : even if Talkin'Honky Blues is a good album, i'm definetely more on his less "folk/blues" shit, a la "The Centaur" or "Language arts", "Vertex" environments. but definitely, the man got taste. 8)

far away from the last quite prententious gig of these other Anticon guy, a few weeks ago, in the very same town... damn, i can't remember his name. anyway. Buck rules.

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