24 février 2004


I would like to say that in the middle of the tons of crap that french press have to offer these days, there's one monthly title which deserve my interest since i first bought it, month after month ; after a pretty cool life, L'oeil Electrique is ready to die.

i don't remember many magazines talkin about things/people who was/were miles away from the usual overexposed other common shit. Blanquet, Crumb, Emmanuel Guibert, Le Dernier Cri, Nancy Huston, Willem, Robert Piccamioglio, Winshluss, Cizo & les Requins Marteaux, Jochen Gerner, and many many really good indy messiahs interviews, musical journeys, or politics writtings were the classic content of this magzine.
uh ? quite sad ? don't wait ! buy the old issues here ! and grab the final issue in a few weeks...

which press title will you buy if you got to buy only one ?

...want some good books ?... aahhh ?... wanna some ?...

it's been years since i first heard about this book. no way i give it a try in its english original form. thanks Tristram !
"La vie et les opinions de Tristram Shandy", Laurence Stern, french translation from Tristram publisher... also some french info here.

Manga masterpiece, available with tissues.
"Barefoot Gen", Keiji Nakazawa, french translation from Vertige Graphic... some (not recent) interview here, and read here too for more cool stuff on this japonese masterpiece.

a nice book from a black writer who don't jump that high when playing basket ball.
"Erasure", Percival Everett, french translation from Actes Sud publisher...

pretty cool comics.
"Corps a corps", Gregory Mardon, Dupuis (Aire Libre) publisher...

june, alwas late. don't laugh. thank yooouuu.
"the Book of Illusions", Paul Auster, french translation from Babel publisher...

art from Gabriella Giandelli, Ayrolles, David B, Tatsumi, Olivares, and talks with Seth, Mazzuchelli and Igort.
"Black", another comics anthology, courtesy of the work of Italian Coconino and French Vertige Graphic...

...more soon. 8)

+ + + 8)


Dictator-cards are played by 2 or more players. The aim is to win all the cards from your opponent(s).
All cards are distributed evenly among players. Each player puts his cards unseen in a pile in front of him with the image side downwards.
Flip a coin to decide who begins.


1 Each player draws the card on top of his pile
2 The player who has the initiative looks at his card and determines which category his card is strongest in (ex. Ruled number of years: 43)
3 All players call their value in the chosen category. The player with the highest number wins, and gets the cards in play. He places the collected cards in the bottom of his pile, and gets the initiative.
4 Repeat until a player has beaten his opponents by getting all their cards
If two or more players have the same highest value in a round, there is WAR. These players draw the next card in their piles and name the value of the SAME category as before. If a player runs out of cards during the war, he keeps playing his last card. This is repeated until someone wins. The player who wins the war collects all the cards that were laid down, and gets the initiative.
If you lose all your cards, you are out. The game ends when one player has all the cards.
The types of RULE rank like this, strongest first:
Stalinism, Despotism, Tyranny, Fascism, Cannibalism, Nazism, Military Dictatorship, Dictatorship, Barbarism, Marxism, Islamic Fundamentalism, Emperor's Rule, Kleptocracy, Mooching
Have fun!

- courtesy of the awful other mailing list's very own Ben. thanks Ben ! 8) -

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