1 mars 2004


uh ? is it my ears ?
yesterday this sunday night, we did some little trip to near-by swiss, where some Jukies were supposed to do the last date of their european minitour (by the way, it seems that this Jason guy is always around, or is it me ? 8) ).
so after a few hours drive, taking some pictures of landscapes under snow with Alcor new little toy (and while he was driving, too), we were in Friburg, CH, able to check the Aesop Rock guy alive and, well, kicking hard... we came into the place quite early and the guy who did the warm up was frankly as bad as me on the scratches, and his selection was correct at the beggining and quite boring at the end : french hip hop, here we come. well.
Fortunately for us, Ed, aka The Horse, finally came here and we spend the show all together, which was nothing but cool, to be together in a cool place to see cool shit, well...

1 2 3, That's the speed of the seed, A B C, That's the speed of the need, You can dream a little dream, Or you can live a little dream, I'd rather live it, Cuz dreamers always chase, But never get it

Aesop Rock did his show alongside some real-coool partner in (c)rhyme, some guy called C-Rayz who's really an impressive guy on stage...
"(...)Spellbinding, cinematic, jaw-dropping, mind-blowing, completely original. The words will be put in your mouth (...) After seeing his performances, hearing his solo projects and listening to him shine on various collaborations, hardcore fans have become Conspiracy Theorists, demanding to know why this artist is not in every record store and touring all over the world, being seen and heard by the people he represents so effectively(...)" (C-Rayz, from his bio on the Def Jux site).

Aesop Rock ? well, what can i say ? this guy need 30 seconds for getting into the place, another 30 seconds for feeling the vibe, and when his first minut on stage comes to an end, so begin a reeeeaaal huge moment that you don't wanna spend with anybody else...

well, both of them did a terrific job, in fact ; the very few audience (i don't think we were 100 in the club) was really inside, and so was the sound ; gosh, a perfect place (le FriSon), with awesome soundsystem, and enough space for not having problems dealing with cigarettes smokes (by the way, there's more and more gigs or concerts self-called "tobacco free", and i think it's just as cool as normal, but cool. but normal. but, hey, cool. anyway). they also made my day, uh, night, with some really huge freestyle, these guys can give lessons to loads of so-called big mc's. really. their dj (dj Wiz ?)was pretty cool too, even if really rough on the levels, going through a table to another wihtout really checking volume levels ; heck, DJNYC, baby ! 8)

if you bored people are really, really nice, uncle Alcor will give us a few shots from the gig. Alcor ? Alcor ? are you there ? 8)

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