4 mars 2004


- if you've got some cool ideas about free storage of pics for this very blog, please tell me, i'm really looking for something which works. Villagephotos got a tiny tiny bandwith who authorize images of 120 k maximum (arf) and with a daily transfert who's under 5M/day (re-arf).
Free.fr got some ftp ? yeah, i suscribe, got my ID, but i cannot simply log in. fuck.
that's exactly why you cannot see those very nice pics from last sunday... 8(

- Saint Appolinaire is a small place near Dijon (eastern France, for those of you who just landed), where there's nothing do to, nothing to see.
except that untill march the 8, their city library got some interesting exhibition called "manga : alternative, different and creator's comics" (with same points of view/directions of people like comics author Frederic Boilet's ones), which is a cool mean to fill your time while around.
how's that, you're not around ? ok.

- really nice, nice photos from Matthew Perpetua, thanks to Queer Granny.

- Gus Van Sant's Gerry : film of the... film of the... nevermind. simply really, really good movie. period.

- from Auszilla's own hulk's journal, something informative on a global level and that you must sign if you're a USA citizen. come on ! 8)

A petition we should all sign.
>"To: U.S. Congress
>We demand that the Congress of the United States of America, and the aforementioned
>States themselves, create and ratify an amendment to our Constiution banning that most
>hideous, manipulative, and exploited of practices: Heterosexual Marriage.
>The Undersigned

I signed and wrote "I've heterosexually married twice, but now I recognize the error of my ways. I'm reformed, and I pledge to never do it again." (courtesy of Auszilla).

ok, i'm french and i signed it, but it's juts because i sign many, many petitions at the moment. nasty habit. 8)

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