18 mars 2004


a few comics reads ; as usual, always great stuff. 8)
"hysteria" from Mike Hawthorne isn't that bad but not this fat, Daredevil 57
from Alex Maleev and Brian Michael Bendis is nearly boring, the great Giffen does weird weird stuff on Thanos, "the Losers", last issues of "Fables" and "Lovecraft" from vertigo are quite correct, but... uh, well, you got the point...
BUT ! the little preview i got from "it's a bird", the new graphic novel from DC/Vertigo, written by Steven T. Seagle and painted by Teddy Kristiansen, looks simply AMAZING. can't wait for it. Kristiansen rocks... i love him, i really do. 8)

so, we were talking about nice books...

Anna Sommer does the art, and guess what, it rocks.
"Dieu etait sur le mur" from B. M. Spaight featuring art from Anna Sommer. awesome Anna Sommer. Awesome her.

et l'employe du mois est... David Scrima !!!
"Add some music" from David Scrima.

Ibn Al Rabin does it again...
"faudrait voir a voir", from Ibn Al Rabin.

help mindless authors to quit awfuls towns as Lyon. help them. buy their comics.
"la belle vie n? 5", from Jonathan Larabie.

you bought the original one ? now there's a correct french version, too.
"Blankets" from Craig Thompson.

comics journal 2004 special
the Comics Journal 2004 edition, courtesy of Fantagraphics.

Camille Rose Garcia, Peter Kuper, Blanquet, Jonathan Rosen, David Sandlin, Sue Coe, Matti Hagelberg, Spain Rodriguez, Gary Baseman, the Clayton Bros... need more ?
Monte Beauchamp edited issue 14 of Blab!

> Brian K. Vaughan, the writer of "mystique" (hum), "Runaways" (...ok...), "Swamp Thing" (...hmm...) or "Y the last man" (greeeeaaaat !) got some video interview right here and another one "classic way", here at Sequential Tart.

> Johnny Ryan got some interview right here ; his Angry Youth Comix # 6 is out, so don't miss it... ish # 07 will be in stores later, in the summer.
Johnny Ryan !

> Dave Cooper still works on "real" issue of Weasel (# 8, in 2005), as the issue # 7 is more of a book including paintings than another story book. Nice interview (sept 2003) from the crazy guy just right here.
this is really Dave Cooper !

>and by the way, there's amazing toys out there ! Dave Cooper's Pip and Norton, but also Tony Millionnaire's Drinky Crow or Kaz's smoking cat are all there, nearly for real ! awesome toys,

tomottow if you're all nice enough, i'll blog last weekend pictures.
have a nice day, ladies and gentlemen.
i'm out.

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