17 mars 2004


and while in the train, i'm just :

- listening to classic "firsts days of sun of the year" cd i did a while back, while in the train, going to work.
(cd includes "summer in the city" from Justice System, does somebody know what did they became ? 8) )

- reading some interesting book called Septentrion from Louis Calaferte (thanks to Xaxa), awesome book that i'll talk later as soon as it'll be finished.

- drawing and drawing and drawing again on this soon-to-reach-deadline we decided with Drine : finishing some double Bourg-les-Valence graphic resume before this weekend... warf. for those of you interested for having some magnificent pieces of artwork for free (you're not dreaming, ladies and gentlemen ! for FREE !!!), we'll be happy to provide the double shit we work on, only if you send us some postal adress, that's it. fill the comments pop-up windows down right here and wait a few days.

oh, yes : i got the pictures we took this very weekend. it's pretty awful and uninteresting but i"ll scan it real soon. 8)
that's it.

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