15 mars 2004

TIRED (part. 24586174).

so friday we went to Bourg-les-Valence, for some kind of indy comics festival, which is not this usual around here in France.
i'll write a few lines about these 2 days when i'll get the pictures we took, probably on wednesday.
right now i'm nearly nead, so i'll go back to sleep. 8)
too short, too cool, too.. anyway.

a few words anyway : meeting friends was really huge, Fred Peeters is an awesome guy, drawing with Gilles and Drine alongside Andreas Kunding, Fafe, Nylso, and Alex Baladi was really a cool moment, Eric Omond was still under David b's "epileptic" influence, local food in the south of Lyon is AWFULLY DISGUSTING, Anna Sommer and Noyau are still really underestimed (but realy cool too), Lewis Trondheim said one more time that he's slowly stop drawing (but still writing), Baudoin is as sensitive human being, as much as his artwork is, Sylvain Ricard is an insane writer, i came home with tons of one-day zines courtesy of the swiss delegation of Baladi/Kundig/etc...

more really soon, pictures included. (maybe you also got to watch out Gilles' blog or website for pictures), soon.
right now ? back to sleep !

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