6 mars 2004


funny, i was listening to this Madeline Bell's track yesterday (her brazilian flavored version, not the classic funk/soul anthem), enough times for becoming disgusted of it... classic example of the positive mind-oriented music that was produced in these years (the lp "This Is One Girl" was released in 76), this is some of the perfect naive and enthusiastic tracks for spending the one-hour ride i have each days for going to my job.

I'll take the stars out of the sky for youuuuuu...

but this morning i spend the 60 minutes with old pal Laure (going back to London after a few days around "home"), which was cool for many reasons (1, seing old friend, 2, blabling with old friend, 3, seing that old friend have a decent and good life, 4, seing his video work - e-book in trains, how great-, and 5, knowing one more person working and living in London, eh eh eh). great time !

which happened the day after some good times with pal X (let's call him "x", even if i could called him "Glouglou"), eating at home while blabling about the lack of curiousity of too many people, how why the big bizness of music major's industry (as we know it...) is really going to its very own dawn, killing with its all of those artists, creators, workers of the promotion, distribution and sellers who helped spread the good vibe for years... anyway. things just sucks for all the people in orbit around this music bizness, and, hot dammit, so called CPU revolutionnists who have a real part of responsability with soulseeking and shit all day long don't give a shit, slowly and surely keeping doing their stuff.
of course major labels' politics ain't no good things, and it doesn't help to don't downloading like a fucker. but heck, we complain about how hard it is to find good stuff, to hear something else, to get an hand on alternative things and... and so what ? just let's keeping having free music, electronics sheeps. and fuck this "i'm a fan with no money, ain't no fun without slsk". tsss.

what else ? oh yes :

- Lego + Monty Pythons = Spite Your Face.
A remake in Lego of the "Camelot" musical number from Monty Python and the Holy Grail, This short was commisioned by John Goldstone for the special edition DVD release of the film.

- link (in french) for the weekend.

- courtesy of ease, the best clock ever is exactly here.

what time is it ?

have a nice weekend ! 8)

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