23 mars 2004


still some really, really interesting pictures. hum.

front : Sylvain Flamby Ricard. Back : the Jouvray bros.
Sylvain Ricard (writer of "Kuklos", "le cirque aleatoire",...) and the Jouvray brothers.

Gilles from BDNews.net, Oslonovitch and Xaxa.
Gilles from BDNews.net, famous author Oslonovitch and the troll worlwide-knowed as Xaxa. 8)

Drine, Baladi, Remi Lucas.
Drine, Baladi, Remi Lucas...

Drine, Xaxa, and some real cool guy.     8)
sunshiny Drine, Xaxa da pirat, and uh, me.

Xaxa and some real, real cool guy.    8)))
Xaxa & yours friendly. have you seen how many times doeas Xaxa appears ? please remind him to send my check. thanks.

thanks to Drine for the pics and for Fred for the hosting service.
more soon, yep.

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