2 avril 2004


...are exactly there. 8)

"If you have any animated short films that you would like to submit please go to the wbias submissions page for further information. If you have any further question about the project please contact us", said Aaron from Raider Prod, from faaaar away in Canada, and one of the people behind the WBIAS. 8)

For those of you not familiar with the indy anime shorts, you really, really got to check some of those featured on the sites right down, as there's really great stuff there. oh, and if you work on something, hurry ! you still got time, but hey, you know how much time it takes to get some quality shit, uh...

World's Best Independant Animated Shorts.

- North America's Best Animated Shorts.
- World's Best Independant Animated Shorts.

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