2 avril 2004


i don't wanna do my nostalgic guy, neither my crying one, as i wasn't listening to Sun Ra music before '96 or '97, back in the days when i was an addicted to Gilles Peterson weekly radio show, "Worlwide". Now it's been nearly 10 years or so since the man died, and some of my favorite producers did some kind of homage to the man... on some record that i just found out, but which was released last year.

Nuclear war, nuclear war... Talking about nuclear war... It's a motherfucker don't you know .

KC the Funkaholic launched (was it last year ?) his own record label, called Kindred Spirits (from the monthly Amsterdam's Paradiso Club famous night), on which you'll find this "Sun Ra Dedication: The Myth Lives On" records (cd/lp), with, between others, King Britt, Jimi Tenor, Kirk DeGiorgio (aka As One, ...), Theo Parrish, Mocky, Recloose, and one of my all-time faves Sun Ra tracks, "Nuclear War", re-done twice : Madlib and his Yesterday New Quintet (featuring Declaime) on the noisy-free-breakhead side, Alex Attias aka Mustang on the broken-vintage-boogie side, and frankly, i cannot tell which is my favorite. great album !!!

Nuclear war, nuclear war
Talking about nuclear war
It's a motherfucker don't you know
If they push that button yo' ass gotta go

...1982, baby ! 8)

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