13 avril 2004


well, i got my sunday/monday free (what a cool life i got, uh ?), and we decided to go for a walk with Drine.
both days were full of sunshine, of nice stops in front of nice panoramic views, and of nice tree scents ; of foot cramp, too. anyway. we took some nice pics and hopefully it will be online soon.
if you feel like you wanna help me with buying some digital cameras, feel comfortable, don't hesitate. i'm a very kind guy, i promise.

- Is it a bird ? is it a plane ? nooo ! it's Jerry Seinfeld !!! ... uh... wait a minute...
no it ain't some new DC Team Up comics, just some "new kind of advertising" for Amex. Senfield and Superman ? check the nu-atomic duo there (and thanks to Fred).

- i ate with my old pal mIch today. we ate kebaps. i'm still trying to convince my stomach it was not bad. i wanna go to bed. now.

- introducing... the organic human mouse ! heck, you gotta click here to understand what we talkin' about (and thanks to the always surprising IokanaaN).

- french fans (or french readers) of comics must update their favorites bar : Gilles now post on a more personnal level under this adress, and not under the now-dead bdnews.net one anymore.

- well, i you're looking for some girlfriend who can probably help you for some fishing parties, i got some plan for you (and thanks to Ease).

- TTC, Radioinactive, BusDriver and Afram Asmar LIVE on stage tomorrow april 14th near you. uh, sorry, near me. well, maybe near you ? let me know.
it's called "dans ton club tour", directly from TTC last (and soon huuuuge top classic number one buzz of worlwide charts etc) track "dans ton club", which is our french faves own interpretation of 50cents "in da club", but on a intelligent mood and a real dancefloor-fillesque version. must be some cool gig.

- i was asked to do a Zenzile warm up for their gig in Besancon.
i don't like their music that much, i don't even understand why Vincent Segal did shit with them, so i said "no thanks".
i'm an artist with integrity, miss. you cannot buy me. 8)

- and on friday, in Dijon, my good pal Alcor does some stuff with some pretty cool line up :
. Anakyne [Underpressure - Paris]
. Mr Activ [Close Combat - Paris]
. MC Jamalski [Roughneck Reality - NYC/Paris]
. Alcor [HipHouse - Dijon]
. Dale Cooper [LaVibe - Dijon]

I'll try to take pics with Alcor's big camera while he'll spin (or while he'll spit vomite everywhere). more soon.

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