23 avril 2004


I’m just around for a few minutes, as loads of news shit happened recently in my life.
First, I don’t work in Dijon anymore but in Besancon ; it’s pretty cool and all, even if I got more responsibilities than I ‘d in Dijon. It’s cool also cause I’m done with the daily train rides : I’m a 15-minutes-walk away from my work, which is, as you can imagine, really nice.
Secondly, 2 days after knowing that I got this job, I got a positive answer from another cool job, somewhere in the atlantic south side of france ; which is, by the way, the exact place I wanna live by now…so I really gotta think about it, as its scheduled for end of 2004/beginning of 2005… we’ll see.
Third, Guillaume Long and Ibn Al Rabin comes for a meet/signing in our area this weekend, and it's just coooool. 8)

- check Plutoslo, aka Morgan Navaro :


- check Melvil Massacre :


- buy Franck Bourgeron excellent surprise, a french comic book called Extreme Orient :

Extreme Orient from Franck Bourgeron.

- and another french blog thing, yep ; speak you soon, have a nice weekend, fellas. 8)

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