28 avril 2004


that's why i cannot post as much as i wish i could. holy fuck.

we spend some really nice weekend, thanks to Guillaume Long and Ibn Al Rabin ; both guys were in town for signing their books, and it was really a pleasure to get them. i wish Ibn Al Rabin came with us on sunday afternoon in one of Besancon nicest places, where Guillaume and I got the strongest vertigo ever. quite funny, but not while the very moment where cars and people looked like ants. brrrr. thanks to them.

Alcor, aka mister numeric picture, got some real pictures on his fabulous website, but you gotta pray him and maybe he will give away loggin infos especially for you, but i seriously doubt about it. 8) i'll soon have some webspace for posting some of these magnificent pics... maybe.
heeelllloooo freeeeedddd.... 8)

very quickly, miss Fafe from the Groinge french indy publisher got her own blog, and expect from her more and more nice little draws on a regular shedule. Fafe is as cool as her art. you get the point. 8)
Nancy Pena, too, opened her blog a few days ago. she's the author of one of the best french comics released last year ("le cabinet chinois") and it's exactly here.

more shit tommorow.

maybe not.

but maybe.

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