27 mai 2004


SHAC was set up at the end of 1999 by the some activists, fighting for animals rights, or simply for a little bit of respect out there.
they used to get many targets, like HLS (Huntingdon Life Sciences), a contract animal testing laboratory who test weedkillers, pesticides, drugs and household products on animals to enable big business to get their products on the market quickly and cheaply. did i talked about Shell ? no ? ok, so here it is : just boycott Shell. if you wanna know more, ask me, or go visit these links.

there's many SHAC around the world now, and i remember SHAC France did, in 2001, an extensive undercover investigation on Aventis Pharma SA (in Alfortville, near Paris), where there were 250 beagles, 200 monkeys, and some mices, rabbis, rats...

OneVoice (previously Talis) is a megagroup who grab all associations working for the animals rights and respect.

anyway, i just wanted to talk a little bit about them, and invites you to check their sites ; buying cosmetics is a thing we'll do on a regular basis, and there's companies who signed some moral contract with animals defenders : Nuxe, Caudalie, Boiron, Florame, L'occitane, and of course Body Shop are some of the few who're still in the good camp.

well, of course it's a little bit more expensive than the usual shit, but it helps you to buy yourself some keys to paradise, ooooo lorddddd have merrrrrcyyyyyy, oooo greeeaaaatttt lord saaaaave myyyyyy sssooooououououououuuulllll.... or at least, just save some cool of these small (and innocents) animals.

sorry, i gotta make Lassie have a pee outside.
see ya.

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