27 mai 2004


these last days were pretty 48H per day oriented around here.
I did some posters advertising for my pal Seb, for a meeting/sign with artists Marc Malès and Philippe Thirault, doing "Lucy" comic book for Dupuis (and released in a few days), and happening in Dijon (in the bookshop i used to work a few weeks ago), i helped Drine finishing some graphotism artwork for a summer theatre plays festival, i received thousands of indy books and i tried to find some place to expose it at the bookshop i work now... plenty of bizness to do.

on the cool side, i now got tons of books i'm glad to carry on and will try to push, which is, at last, the main thing which gives me interest to be a bookseller. and there's a few people who already saw it and were glad of it (and who spent a few money in it, too !), so everything's fine on this.

on monday eve, Drine and I went to watch "le pays du chien qui chante", a Y. Dedet movie, some real interesting movie full of sensibility and ideas ; a japonese couple comes to live in France, in the exact area where i live. distance, barriers, exchanges, meetings and a dog who can sings are the main elements of it, and, if you forget half of the french actors (awful, horrible, baaaaad), it's a cool movie who save the day.

on tuesday eve, Drine, our good friend Benny and i went to Ralf and Fabienne' new place, some giiiiaaannnt house lost in the countryside, in a very quiet and beautiful small town, where we spent the evening with him and Fabienne, his girlfriend who saved our computer affairs with her USB zip. 5 people working (or who had worked) in the visual communication field speaks of course of visual communication shit, but we spent a very cool evening and i cannot wait to visit them again, quickly.

other cool thing, i finally receive another Barbelith mixtape, and this is the kind of thing i really like. 8)
people from the Barbelith crew did some list of colunter people, and the first recorded one his favorite track on a tape, sent it to the second, who did the same, etc. i receive a tape already half recorded, put some shit on it and will post it to the next one. at the end, we got some worlwide and totally of control mixtapes, full of unknown stuff and of smart choices ; freedom comes from diversity, isn't it ?

i'm not hanging this much on Barbelith since a few years ago, tired of the usual blabla of some of its members (a very few), who tried to show themselves a little bit more for me. some people in lack of self confidence or i don't know what, but who where always coming for controversy and self-advertising...
in fact, i remember spending loads of time on it for months, and also how usefull the lith was when 9/11 happened : in real time, we exchanged news, comments, infos, minute per minute, and with each of the so called "big infos sites" crashed one after the other, it becames in a few hours the only platform of info closest to the reality. right now, i got to say that i don't feel so much envy to read it this much.

it's doesn't mean anything wrong on this community : the strongest, smartest i've ever seen, some people really pushing intelligence and curiousity in the field, and full of badass people all going in another kind of state of mind. and when i write "full", i mean what i write : plenty of its worldwide members are interesting people with interesting beliefs, thoughts and tastes.
plus, they're a lot into books, music and comic books, too, so this ain't bad, either. 8)
but even if i'm not going a lot on the 'lith, i'm still checking what happen to some of its members, that i felt i'm having some commons things with ; people who get websites, or blogs (90% of my "blogs" area in this blog' left bar), or people i exchange mails with.

when i discovered Barbelith, a few years ago, i was a pretty new ass in the webfield, and it was awesome to discover that people (some of ones i could feel close with) were spending so much time blabling about so many topics, exchange so many points of view, with so much enthousiasm ; one of the exact reasons i'm loving the www so much. for full history of this really cool website, all is explained on it. and, give to Caesar... i think you all already know the site of one of the main people under the Lith' website, Tom Coates's very own PlasticBag, and a real cool spot to hang around.

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