26 mai 2004


...and cause the guy who did this mix is quite famous and well knowed in this business, he asked to all the followng people to allow him to use unkown tracks or to do exclusive shit to him. and he got some serious shit !

"they're all on it. everyone's a dj. the Ipod generation is here compilng its own "worldwide" !
gotta progress. stay ahead. i'm pulling out the joker baby !
private numbers pressed. personnal cuts created."

ah ah ah ! i love this guy but sometimes, sometimes... 8)

anyway, here's the tracklisting :

- Cinematic Orchestra "Wheel within a wheel" :
more than just an intro, this track from Swinscoe and co is a real gem.
chords and quasi-infrabass in a serious, serious mood. dope shit.
i'm kidding : DOOOOOOPE SHIT. this track is a real, real wonder.

- Umod "Puffin dance" :
this Dominic Stanton did a massive downbeat headbanger, once again : the prog is incredibly powerful in its minimal beat construction (earth to june, earth to june, do you get me ?), and the loops which are turnin around and around your head and between your ears just make it great, too. oh, and the bass is there, too, as usual with Domu.

- NSM "The show" :
what can i say ? i'm a real IG Culture freak, but i gotta say that i'm quite disapointed about his last effort, recently done under the New Sector Movement diminutive nick ; well... well well well.
no worries about the way it's done. IG is one of the biggest producers in the area, we already knew that. now, i'm a little less enthousiastic about this way he's going in : his last album, "turn it up", is going eveyrwhere in the dancefloor spectrum, but maybe too much in the r'n'b sphere. and even a good r'n'b track is still something i'm having hard times to deal with. IG last album is too r'n'b oriented, using too many "classic" r'n'b recipes that don't fit that much, for me (even with the terrific Eska on the mic).
attention, ladies and gentlemen : this guy can do the best and purest shit around, i'm repeating ; i have too many respect to this guy to just put him in the "r'n'b easy shit" area, and i'll wait for some more of is extract funk, in its "old" fashioned way. no, not this hip hop one, neither.

- TY featuring Eska "Sophisticated & course (everyday thoughts)" :
Ty can do the best pieces of hip hop around as he can just miss it. for years by now, he showed us how far he can go in writing real strong tracks, with a real intelligence and his own twist, so personnal. well, i'm a lot into his latest afrobeat oriented hip hop, but i'm not into this track (even with the terrific Eska on the mic, ohhhh sounds deja vu).

- Eric Roberson "Couldn't hear me" :
if this nu-soul wave must go somewhere, please give the handle bar to this guy.
brilliant, brilliant track, nice voice, nice way of using it, and great lyrics. do you think it's all about love ?

- Nicola Conte "Wanin moon" :
i'm not into this track at all. don't ask me, i don't know.

- Build an Ark "The blessing song" :
all praise due to Carlos Nino to save the day with some of the biggest positives vibes i've heard for a looong time ; a track full of happiness, of the sweatest attitude around. for those who wanna have this track, i think it's on the very top of my current selection, right aside the green and flowering plant... Amon Contact ? the same who just got these "micro solutions for mega problems" shit on Soul Jazz Record label ? acoustic twist ? let's go for it.
Build and Ark got some of the nicest tracks on the Sun Ra tribute i've talked about a few times ago. they released also some originals tunes inspired from the mythic Arkestra people, an album called "Peace with every step", available on Todosonidos.

- Deadline vs Batacumbele "Batacumbele" :
Seiji explores new angles, with its eternal mix of quality and curiosity. right now he must drink rhum and eat coco slices for breakfast, and his neighborhood must use their soles listening and dancing to his mad, mad shit. is it some West Puerto Rico shit ?
definitely not my favorite Seiji track, but another proof of the man abilities.

- Jazzanova featuring Shaun Escoffery "Boom klicky boom klack (that's what we do)" :
another german breaks affair ! and as usual with the Sonar Kollectiv crew, it's an instant dancefloor filler if played at the right time... and when not doing the usual (but always classy) jazzastuff routine, the collective can defy west london inhabitants on their own ground : broken beat time, baby ! vocals from Shaun Escoffery ain't too bad, too.

- Outlines "A matter of time" :
i'd probably loved this track a few years ago, but right now it looks like a little bit lost in the middle of an ocean of broken-broke-beats, sometimes produced in a better way, no disrespect to Irfane. classic shit, i thought...
...and then, at 2'40, the bassline pops out (i mean, really) and it's feeling real better. how's that ? it was made for it ? fuck.

- Matthew Herbert & Roisin Murphy "The night of the dancing flame" :
i looove Roisin voice, since the early Moloko stuff ; seing her from a featuring to another is always a good investissment. and Herbert, well, does his Herbert guy on this one. A good track, but not the atomic production that could marry perfectly with Roisin voice.

- Two Banks of Four featuring Canning Town Socialist Collective Choir "Brilliant circles" :
do you know loads of people who goes through the 90's acid jazz wave and comes out for doing some of the highest shit around ? Ski is a real hero for me, the guy got his fuckin sound, a real personnal way of producing music. and the 2Bo4 just drop another massive tune there.
miss Cowell to his son : "Stanley, are you up there in your bedroom ? come downstairs, some childs wanna play with ya".

- Gotan Project "Paris texas" :
this is it, i'm fed up with Gotan Project. quite ok for a few tracks, but still the same substance just makes me bored to death...

- Roy Ayers "Reaching for the highest pleasure" :
not the ultimate Roy Ayers track, but from these amazing guys at BBE comes another 1976 amazing piece of work, which looks quite like a training session for Ayers and co, but also got some good moments in the +6 minutes it plays.
and finishing with a Roy Ayers can only a proof of good taste, isn't it ?

going to change the record on the turntable, i'm putting on the radio. fm, france, 1:52 in the night. and... billy ze kick were on air. awful, awful french crap, i wish i could break all their records and put it in some Saturn garbage. crap crap crap. sick sick sick. shit shit shit. euuaarrghhh.

Gilles, you can write anything you wanna to, even if it looks like really pretentious.
after all, i owe you so much for having so many real things to hear... and not having to listen to french radio...

"Gilles Peterson Worlwide exclusives" is the last album released from Talkin'Loud.
his barcode number is 602498193105 and it's really better than the previous one.
and as good as the first one, for example, or as any good Worldwide radioshow (available on Radio 1 in the UK, Radio Active in New Zealand, Radio Nova in France, FM4 in Austria, Radio X and Radio Multi-Kulti in Germany, Radio B92 Yugoslavia in Serbia/Hungary, Radio Montecarlo in Italy and Russia, WKRZ in Singapore, Radio Oxygen in Turkey, Radio Helsinky in Finland, and Radio Oxigenio in Portugal ; it's not on Couleur 3 anymore ? did i missed something ?).

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