25 mai 2004


"FLIGHT is the best anthology i've seen in years ; a soaring lift-off for a powerful new generation of cartoonists." - Scott McLoud.

do I have your attention ? thanks, Scott. 8)
many, many people were offered to do some pages for artist Kazu Kibuishi's (and co) project called Flight (and i know one who was really enthousiastic about the idea, but who was deadline-killed already, holy shit...) ; what looked like another anthology finish as a brilliant 2 hundred full color pages.

if you're familiar with my blog, so are you with Kazu's artwork ; this guy write intelligent and interesting stories, full of emotion and poetry, and, guess what, he know how to draw.
Copper, for instance, one of his recurent characters, goes through many adventures which, at their end, appears as they are : "just" some dreams (or daydreams) of our little "hero" ; it's inventive, really smart, and from storytelling to inks, from lettering to colors, it's very, very professionnal.
Flight started a few months ago, the always awake Kazu even started a website devoted to this project. i don't know if he was knowing, at the time, that Flight will have the first page in the Image (its publisher) section of monthly comic's shop catalog Previews.

Flight is a collection of short stories, all using and pushing the narrative process to its best ; as its title mean, it's focused on the theme of flight in its many incarnations.

Erik Larsen, the boss at Image (and famous artist and creator or Savage Dragon, to name a very few), look like a real enthousiastic about publishing it, and there's nice little pieces in May Previews (ish#XIV, 5).

artists Derek Kirk Kim, Clio Chiang, Jacob Magraw, Jen Wang, Chris Appelhans, Neil Babra, Phil Craven, Bengal, Dylan Meconis, Enrico Casarosa, Bill Mudron, Kean Soo, Khang Le, Catia Chien, Erika Moen, Hope Larson, Jake Parker, Joel Carroll, Kazu Kibuishi, Rad Sechrist, and Vera Brosgol all teamed up for this baby monster scheduled to be in stores at the end of august ; for those of you near me, feel comfortable to ask me to save one issue, as there will be a pile in the bookshop where i work ; save $19.95 right now for it, please.

and hats off, Kazu. you did it, and it looks like a big hit you got there. 8)

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