24 mai 2004


i had thoughts/memories this weekend, about thursdays mornings, back when i was a kid, watching cartoons till my grandma called me to "clean your room and come eating, ju".
so i listened to this 1995 Ralph Snart compilation of cartoons tunes revisited by nowadays artists ; it's features all the biggest cartoons themes from Violent Femmes, the Ramones, Mary Lou Lord, Juliana Hatfield, Butthole Surfers or Frente!, between others. many bad tracks, but some good ones, and i don't talk about the many cartoons that weren't imported here in France.
for example, i don't remember spending some times watching "Jonny Quest", "Speed Racer", the Jetsons", "Underdog", "Josie and the Pussycats", "the Bugaloos", "Gigantor" or "Sigmund and the seamonsters" ; i don't think these cartoons made it over the ocean... i can be wrong, but as i was a cartooholic kid, i think i had memories about it.

BUT ! i remember "Hong Kong Phooey" ("Hong Kong Foufou" in french), the Mutt of Steel and his pal Spot the cat, which was, if i'm correct, totally stupid ; at least stupid as this "Dastardly and Muttley in their Flying Machines" ("Satanas et Diabolo" in french), and "Wacky Races" ("Les Fous du Volant" in french). As written in the cd booklet, what stays in mind is Muttley (Diabolo)'s signature wheezy laugh. it was a 5 minutes laugh each times this asshole appeared and, even more, when he "talked". Of course, there was the Fantastic Four, but what was so coooool was Spiderman, and its cllllaaaassssssic theme. Joey Ramone (and his 3 bro) sings "...to him, life is a great bang up, whenever there's a hang up, you'll find the Spiderman !..." and it's a real cool tune.
("Saturday Morning : cartoons' greatest hits" is barcoded 008811134822, an MCA record ; yeah, i do free advertising for major companies, incredible, uh ?)

so what, you will say ?
so the booklet is illustrated by many cool stuff, and its cover is drawn from Glenn Barr, and it's a masterpiece, if you ask me.
but you don't, so...

Drine and I went to Kill Bill 2, and it's even better than the first part, which was a little bit too of an homage for me. a nice homage, full of creativity, of course, but the second part is really more Tarantinesque, if it means something ; the dialogs and the rhythm are more into the usual Tarantino ways, and even if i'm not that much into the story, there are some really dope scenes, the photo is wicked thanks to Bob Richardson, nice music from the Rza, and David Carradine, Uma Thurman and this Michael Madsen badass, are doing a nice job... a pretty good movie. Drine saw the last Almodovar, "la Mala Education", and even if it's a good movie, she says, it's a little bit under his last ones ; we'll see.

(note to myself : this week, not forget to go watch this "le Pays du Chien qui chante" from Y. Dedet, a free rendez-vous at our local cinema, and also Kiyoshi "Jellyfish" Kurosawa's "Seance", and Yu Li Kwai's "All Tomorrow's Parties".)

i still haven't heard Cannes results (from yesterday) and i don't give a shit, as for all these awards shit, but Dude and Fabien, who were at home on saturday evening (...night) told us (there were also Tom and Karine, and, of course, Drine too) that Michael Moore won the Gold palm, which is something i'm not totally convainced (i haven't seen his last movie "Farenheit 911" yet), but for which i'm pleased : this will probably help his ideas to find their ways and some echoes easier, which is nothing but a good thing, of course.
(note : i just checked it. it's true.)

speaking of good thing, and speaking of my friends Fab and Dude, after more than 10 years of blabling, it seems that finally we'll work on something together...
Fabien already wrote many books and done some scripts for some comic book projects, and Dude is working hard on his own smart semi-SF book too, and we launched some ideas saturday night about doing some kind of shit ; well, they launched ideas, cause i was sleepy and wasn't totally right, but hell, saturday night, we started something. it must be just a start, but we all agreed on the fact it were already late... more soon, hopefully. 8)

public note : on sundays evenings, for diner, never try saturday's chinese foods in the microwave. wrong, terribly wrong idea.
going to the bathroom.
peace out there.

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