22 mai 2004


a few heavy tunes who just make my day these last days/weeks :
- Robust "Thinking ahead of time" (Galapagos 4).
- Mr Complex featuring Biz Markie "Glue" (70 records).
- Patrick Forge's thrust the dj compilation part. 3 (Trust the dj).
- Cinnamon "cakes and pies" (Lewis Recordings).
- Nicolas Repac "swing swing LP" (Universal).
- Build an Ark "the blessing song (extended version)" (GP's WW compilation released on Talkin'Loud).
- N-E-R-D "she wants to move" (Virgin).
- the Opus "earthwalker" (Mush records).
- Leroy Hutson "Love oh Love" (Curtom).
- Sequel featuring Guillermo Soria "neptunes, moon and mars" (Sonar kollektiv).
- Trilok Gurtu "broken rhythms LP" (sony).
- Jehst "get your shit together" (low life records).
- Madvillain "all caps" (Stones Throw records).
- Morgan Geist rework of Franz Ferdinand's "take me out".
- Cinematic Orchestra "Wheel within a wheel" (GP's WW compilation released on Talkin'Loud).
- Hu Vibrationnal "beautiful LP" (Soul Jazz records).
- Amp Fiddler "i believe in you (Bugz in the Attic remix)" (Genuine).
- Skalpel "1958 LP" (Ninja Tune).
- Lotus "the grand masterplan" (Yoruba).
- Gift of Gab "fourth dimensional rocketships going up" (Quannum records).
- Mike Ladd and Vijay Iyer "in what language ?" (Pi records).

also, this blog left bar is slowly but surely coming to its nomination to "the Biggest Number of Cool Links in A Blog' Left Bar Award 2004", and if you want proofs, i got some, here's a few additions that you probably already know ; sometimes, it's like this, balblin', blablin', time is passing through and then, 3 years after, you find out that this Soul Jazz Records still not in your links bar ; and it's a shame. well, it will be -bar updated this afternoon- hopefully :

Rope A Dope records
Soul Jazz Records
Todosonidos Presenta
Low Life records
Wah Wah 45s
CatSkills records
Quality Records
Bear Entertainment
Rush Hour
Crue-L recordings
Flower recordings

New Sector Movements

Soul Brother
If Music

Mix Of The Week
We Funk Radio
Royal Groove

2nd Class Citizen

i'm out.

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