21 mai 2004


aaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh !!!!!!! this Lyon town rules !
and by the way, last sunday was really nice and relax, mainly due to my pal Fred (and her sweet pregnant girl) (see, i did it, fred, uh...) who took care of me (well, sort of, if you except this train station story) (and i call him "pal"... pffff) while some big students event happened there in Lyon.

Vanyda ("l'immeuble d'en face", "l'annee du dragon"), Nancy Pena ("le cabinet chinois"), Guillaume Long ("comme un poisson dans l'huile", "les sardines sont cuites", and the soon to be published "Swimming Poule mouillee"), Nicolas Otero ("amerikkka") were there for an intra-comics mini festival, too, as the people taking care of the real cool zine called "Rhinoceros contre Elephant" ; watch these guys, many things to come from their own batcave, and on some of the best quality (paper, printing, look of it all...) indy books around here.
we spent the whole day hanging around the festival location, under the sun, which was cool. and even the 6 hours of train ride worth it. or is it ? 8)

so !?
well, for eastern french residents, here's something you don't wanna miss, which is a part of the Nuits Sonores, musical event of the year in the Lyon area.
Pi-days (and night) is a videomusicalprojectionexhibition which must be cool to check, apart from this year Nuits Sonores program : Plaid, Carl Craig, Tarwater, King Britt, Fuckaloop, Jamie Lidell, dj Spinna, Jazzanova, and many, many more (i spoke only about the people i would like to check, but there's also Jeff Mills, Derrick May, DAF, Rechenzentrum, Smash TV, and tons of other, from 19 to 23 of May.

but ! but but but ! check also the really alive and always moving Kid Acne (Lex/Invisible Spies), Akroe, Krsn, and others people like Yee-king (Rephlex), Pleix, ASPIC, Oldine, X&trick (Bugklinik), Switch, Slush, Sébastien Roux, Sebastian Oschatz (meso.net), Le Gentil Garçon, N-com.user, reuter & belter... will be part of this looking great event :
"In partnership with the Lyon's Museum of Contemporary Art, the collectives BEE Records and Dopebase propose three FREE days (PI-Days) and a FREE evening performance (PI-Night) centred around numeric arts associated with electronic music creation. An exploration of the channels between contemporary art, numeric video, graphic design and electronic music" said sweet Camille from the Bee record label connection.

Venue : Lyon's Museum of Contemporary Art
Pi-Days are from thursday 20 of May 2004 to saturday 22 of May 2004, from 14:00 to 18:00.
Pi-Night is thursday 20 of May 2004, from 20:00 to 08:00, and all events are free entrance.

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