22 mai 2004


french comics author Aristophane died this last may 11th.

i knew his shit for a pretty long time but his strange heavy narrative, hard to focus drawing (for me, uh) always leaves me away from this shit, untill too many friends told me that there was some strong shit in it.
and they were right, of course.
"Contes Demoniaques" is a real long story of Hell's last fight for power, a tale where nothing never stops the fatal end of all things, full of deep characterized demons and hell's inhabitants. told my way, it's looks really boring, i agree, but it's a must read for those who got some appetite for disturbing tales who don't leave you 100% ok... "Contes Demoniaques" is one of the heaviest books published through L'Association.

"faune" of "Les soeurs zabime" are another example of the man available published works that deserves your attention. it's a no less powerfull story full of reals human vibrations... heck, i'm feeling like i dunno what to say exactly.

one of his publisher, Ego-Comme-X, leaves a place on their website for those who wanna tell something about this tragic loss.

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