29 mai 2004


while typing this, i'm listening to national information radio, where 2 of the stupidest french politics, so-called representing french points of view, are speaking about these last days hot topic here in france : do we really want these homosexual marriages "authorized" here in france ? that's what are trying to answer Dominique Strauss Kahn and Roselyne Bachelot. the first is supposed to be left-winged, but he's a total liberal piece of shit, a pro-"free-all-economic-markets-it-will-help-everybody" freak (who was supposed to never come back from some dark affairs, as too many of them politics here in france), and the other one is probably the worse woman in the politic field, some hysteric and republican pink (or blue, depends of the wind) clothed cow who just fall in all her adversory traps as she so stupid and totally off-the-topic, always.

if i got some still-not-finished-ideas about the situation of childrens in homo couples, i cannot see a single wrong point against leaving gay and lesbians marry ; now i wonder how they will speak of the next natural topic, the famous rights for homo couples to raise and educate "their" childrens ; and now this is an interesting topic, but from both of their points of views, maybe it will be a hard laugh, but i got doubts about it...

each year for a while, those precious Zutique peope, in Dijon, work on some real cool event : the Tribu Festival. it looks like the ideal journey unto nowadays "world music" soundtrack, with an indy and critic view on it, and this year prog looks like a worlwide winner : Rokia Traore (from Mali, who won the 2004 BBC critic award for best album, for her "bowmboi"), the mighty band called Antibalas (USA) must rock the place with their fantastic afrobeat, the pretty cool recently Ninja Tune signed Skalpel (Poland), Krishna Das and the modern light brass (Nepal), Sainkho Namtchylak (Tuva), Mahala Rai Banda (Roumanie), Fisz (Poland), Banda De Santiago De Cuba (Cuba, right !) and many more interesting stuff, as some musical creations, and i'm sure i'm forgetting some other shit.
it's in Dijon, eastern France, from May the 21 to the 27, and there's even some website.

well well ! La Nuit Bleue, uh ? forget this worlwide hot folklore i talked about just before with the Tribu Festival, and let's come in the pure electronic landscape.
Leafcutter John and Philip Jeck are the 2 highlights of the 2004 edition of "la Nuit Bleue", THE electronicacoustic event this side of France, thanks to Elektrophonie, which is in some of the coolest place to have a musical blast (les Salines d'Arc et Senans).
if you wanna try the experience of listening music all night long, on some comfortables little beds, and in a totally semi-atmospheric mood, you know what to do on the 9 to 11 of July.
the hardest thing is, of course, to not fall asleep. 8)

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