5 juin 2004


yep, it sounds like some fashion or other shit related thing, but it's not. it's just some free advertising, thanks to the soooo kind world of bloggers. 8)

"life:styles" is a 2003 released record courtesy of some of the best labels in the field, called Harmless. if you're curious and bored enough to check the credits of my playlists (either radios shows or live "mixs"), you probably saw Harmless quite a few.
and if you're listening good music, too. 8)

but look at this ! they talk, too :
"LifeStyles gives musical innovators a chance to hark back to days and lay down a selection of records that shaped their collective mindset, moved their feet and stirred their soul. We kick the series off with 4 hero whose early forays into drum & bass arena then developed into a mastery of the broken beat scene culminatng in the release of two ground breaking albums, Two pages and the multilayered Creating Patterns" said the record sleeve.
so what is all about, uh ?

well, tracks from 1963 to 1994, from Nancy Wilson to Sly Stone, from Weldon Irvine to Syreeta Wright, the english duo did another impressive and massive musical knock out in my poor, poor ears. and not only for beatdiggers, believe me !
fuck, these guys even put one of my favorite tracks ever (and i mean EVER), Gary Bartz' "music is my sanctuary". do you know loads of tracks perfect in bed, on the dancefloor, in the studio, in car or while your funerals ? well, Gary Bartz wrote a few greeeaaaat pieces, but this one is the one, i tell ya.
anyway, everybody knows it already, so...

if not : it's Harmless number 050CD if you're for a mixed cd, and Harmless number 050LP if you're up for an unmixed pack of vinyl slices.

and the sleeve, you ask me ? how's that, i wrote it in the title ?
well, here's the point. i finally got some computer at home.
some computer which works, that's it.
complete with scanner, printer, graphic tablet, etc.
and of course, of course of course, of course, the scan doesn't work. 8)
so i was quite glad to think about all the neat-o shit i was ready to play with and blog non-stop, but heck, no, not this time, as usual.
we'll see.

visit 4 hero
and harmless recordings.

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