27 juin 2004


the best publisher this side of the universe seems to have the busiest schedule around.
and still a real "all stars" line up, too.

- "The Complete Peanuts 1950-1952" is the first installment into Fantagraphics's Best-sellers collection ; well, i hope so.
it's a pretty cool thing to see this book debuted at #19 on "the NY Times nonfiction hardovers bestsellers list" last month, and also #1 on amazon.com's "Comics & Graphic Novels Bestsellers" list, which means nothing but great news for this publisher who goes through real bad times a few months ago. "Peanuts 50-52" will quickly reach his 100.000 sold book... i think i know at last 10 peoples who already got one. thanks Fanta !

- Daniel Clowes is a new daddy (welcome Charlie), which doesn't stop the guy working on something which looks like a second movie (more news soon, maybe here on Fanta's Dan page)... don't miss the 23rd issue of Eightball, a 7 bucks oversized book.

- many interviews from Fanta artists : Johnny Ryan (who got a new Angry Youth Comix (the #7) released this july), Sophie Crumb, Mark Bode (Vaughn Bode' son Mark has re-enlisted his father's entire cast of characters for The Lizard of Oz, a full-color graphic novel that pays playful homage to and parodies the classic L. Frank Baum fairy tale and its beloved film adaptation, and blessed with huge artwork from Vaughn, introduction by Bode expert and Paper magazine contributor Carlo McCormick, and a sketchbook of Mark's preparatory work), Gary Groth, Tony Millionaire, and Seth.

- his wife, a costume from an old serial called "alias the cat", the tragic story of a czech, some romance, some fun, some excitement and a New Jersey town called Midgetville : these are the ingredients of Kim Deitch new issue of "the Stuff of Dreams" (Eisner-winning "Best Single Issue 2002"). wow, sounds pretty good...

- news from Jim Blanchard ("truckers fags in denial"), Steven Weisman ("the kid firechief") and second issue of Blood Orange are the july highlights at Fantagraphics.
it's a cruel, cruel summer... i really need money.

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