26 juin 2004


yeeeeeeesss !
on june the 24, we went in Dijon, for this Tribu music festival i blogged about (hiya Fred, if you read this) before, for seing Antibalas live.

gosh, it was won-der-ful, i really liked it ; Antibalas are a classic afrobeat band, and if afrobeat deserves special listening conditions, it must be live, on stage. and Antibalas rocked the place, as it was written !

a 10 pieces band, composed of 10 pretty good musicians (i doubt the average age of its players excedeed 30 years old ?), and of 10 exstatics peoples, this is what New York city sent us for this gig : they were playing the best stratospheric afrobeat around, and it was a strong communion of energy, of happiness, and of pure groovistic joy. of course they played in Fela's field, but they also put a personnal twist to it ; just great, this is what i think of this bunch of assholes. 8)

need supra dose of good musical energy ? check their records.
need extra dose of positivism ? check Antibalas live.

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