23 juin 2004


Ronald from the Antimatiere zone (remember Annihilus in the Fantastic Four ? Ronald is his father) (or was it the negative zone ? damn) always send (though emails) tons of stuff. sure, the guy seems a little bit, hum, ON-DA-RUUUUN kind of guy (seing his "Free & Ahead Movement" mail signatures...), but it's pretty great to have some news from the one who try to keep some fire in the french underground ; the more, the best.
you can find some Ronald art nearly everywhere where thoses crazy guys from ChezJeromeComix shake their ass, but also some published stuff in Silver, some really biiiiig size comics including art from Escarbille, Audrey Lhom and Guillaume Long, and available in all the good fast foods.
hmmm !

still on the rampaging indy french visual creators side, Melvil Massacre relaunched his website, complete with news never-seen-before shit, videos, and some Pluton microsite, and... updated soon (hum). check his work around here, and tell him that your grandma send you.

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