15 juin 2004


well, not yet, not really.
but finally, maybe readers will have opportunities to discover new readings, as publisher Casterman translate "Pasolini, une rencontre", an homage done to the great italian movie maker by Davide Toffolo ; which is just great cause i've heard about Toffolo for a while by now, and he looks like an author to watch closer. i don't speak a single word of italian (even if there's real easy ways of doing it as i'm french), and i waited for this kind of news for long.
Toffolo's work will be published in the "different shit" Casterman collection (called "ecritures"), the very one which already got tons of Taniguchi stuff, Andi Watson' "breakfast after noon", Seth' stuff, Mattoti's stuff, and Craig Thompson multigold book, "blankets".

as if it wasn't enough (i stopped to wish anything from Casterman a long time ago, they probably felt bad about it, that's why they published so many good things these days) (yeah, thank me), Casterman said they will finally publish Art Spiegelman last effort (yeah, the towers...), scheduled for september. and some news manga collection, too, Sakka, with many great books to come. i think i'll get more news soon as Casterman invites us in Paris, this monday, to speak about the future of their collections, alongside Benoit Peeters, Tardi, Fred Boilet, Art Spiegelmann... more after this monday, uh. 8)

but don't worry : this publisher still manage to offer us many, many real pieces of shit, too. 8)

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